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Nothing ages a vehicle more than worn down paint. NanoShield stops paint erosion in its tracks.

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What is NanoShield?

NanoShield Paint Protection is a PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) synthetic coating - which is a liquid nano-particle polymer applied to a car's exterior.

Once properly applied and cured, it creates a permanent bond with the vehicle's factory paint, forming a layer of protection on top of your car's clear-coat to add an additional level of defense against the elements – think salt and bugs.

The result is a durable defensive layer that should keep everything from bird crap to brake dust at bay. Not to mention preventing swirl marks and UV fade.

PTFE paint protection carries a 5-Year Warranty and can last up to 10 years before reapplication is needed. It’s a great way to protect your vehicle's paint and keep it looking new.

Paint Protection:

The good, the bad, and the diluted

While this service seems straightforward enough, car-cleaning chemical manufacturers have (both literally and metaphorically) diluted the effect of the term “paint protection.” No two polymer coating products are identical, and they come in a wide range of ceramic and PTFE lines.

Professional-grade coatings are typically very concentrated and require special application equipment to create a bond that lasts for years of driving. There are other products on the market that have roughly the same chemicals but are far more diluted. These are also called ceramic & PTFE coatings by their manufacturers.

A diluted home-application coating isn't necessarily chemically inferior to more concentrated solutions and methods, but it does mean the coating won't be as tough and won’t last as long—an important detail that is at the core of this service.

Paint Protection Film

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