Help us Protect the Rescue Van.

LINE-X of Streetsboro/Hudson is excited to announce a special charity drive promotion to support One of a Kind Pet Rescue.

We only need 10 Rust Defender appointments booked starting 10/01/23 to get the Rescue Van protected with its own Rust Defender service before the snow starts!

Protect Your Investment

Water & salt wreak havoc on vehicles. Rust Defender was uniquely developed to overpower the rage of Ohio's winter roads.

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Why Choose Rust Defender?

Protect your vehicle from the rage of Ohio’s Winter Roads.

The Rust Defender Service is specifically designed for survival in our local climate, combining the most reliable products out there for the best protection on the market.

Each Rust Defender Service Includes:


An aeronautical-grade, self-healing hard shield that's permanently bonded to your vehicle's underbody metal surfaces. Locks out moisture & salt to prevent rust decay. Deadens the road noise for a quieter ride.


A permanent hydrophobic rust inhibitor film fogged inside body panels and applied to vulnerable areas such as hinges and the engine compartment, preventing moisture accumulation that leads to body rust.

Lifetime Warranty

New Vehicles (Under 1 Year and 15,000 Miles) are eligible for a transferable Lifetime Warranty, and Used Vehicles are eligible for a 7-Year Warranty.

Rust Defender Membership

Each vehicle is eligible for yearly free maintenance including a salt-neutralizing flush, undercoating touch-ups and a thorough inspection. We’ve got your back!

A Note About Used Vehicles

Prevention is key! Rust Defender always works best on a New vehicle (under 1 year and 15,000 miles)…before corrosion has begun. On a 1-5 year old vehicle, we offer a Rust Repair service to remove undercarriage corrosion before sealing the metal off with Rust Defender Undercoating. We will partner with you to plan out the most effective fix for early rust, so you can keep those wheels on the road as long as possible!

Did we mention there’s no yearly reapplications?

Other undercoating materials require yearly appointments to maintain your protection & warranty, which adds up to hundreds of dollars in just 3 years. With Rust Defender, you’re getting a permanent shield.

*Pricing for New Vehicles (Under 1 Year & 15,000 Miles). Used vehicles may require rust repair work before Rust Defender, contact for more details.

**Oversized vehicles such as cargo vans, service bodies or dually trucks have custom pricing.

Help us Protect the Rescue Van

We’re animal lovers at this shop, and everyone working here has rescued pets at home! One of a Kind Pet Rescue does an amazing job taking care of thousands of local animals every year. When they invested in a new van this year, we knew we had to help them protect it for years of hard use. That’s when we called up and offered to put in their LINE-X Floor for free, and we loved doing it!

Now we know they really need a Rust Defender service to shield this big investment from Ohio’s salty roads. We’re able to donate the labor and shop time, but we’re a small business, and we need some help covering the costly materials. If we can book 10 Rust Defender appointments in our One of a Kind Pet Rescue Drive, we can donate the full Rust Defender service to their van at no cost.

How can you help? You can be one of the 10 appointments, sign up below! Or if you don’t have a vehicle that needs it, forward this page along to a friend with a vehicle that does!

Need an appointment or have a question?

We’re here to talk it through!

The Honest Truth.

There's plenty of shops promising similar results, so why LINE-X in Hudson?

We know that these materials only work if the shop devotes the time to spray well. Our technicians are trained to take the extra time needed to be extremely thorough.

LINE-X Rust Defender Products exceed SAE Automotive Standards and will never void a factory warranty. And you won't have to deal with the nonsense of expensive yearly reapplications or an oily driveway.

You can be confident that we have your back with our exclusive yearly program. We're here to defend your vehicle from Ohio's roads with the best protection on the market.

Rust Never Sleeps.

Stop in and see us!

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